Ericsson to build Faroese Telecom’s 5G network

News: Faroese Telecom has contracted multinational telecommunications company Ericsson to build the new 5G mobile network, which will significantly increase the islands mobile network capacity, speed, and quality.

Faroese Telecom has signed a contract with Swedish multinational company Ericsson to provide the 5G technology for the upcoming expansion of Faroese Telecom’s mobile network. The board and leadership team have decided to implement a totally new mobile network based on Ericsson technology which will increase both capacity, speed, and quality nationwide.

– We have thoroughly evaluated all possible vendors and assessed the best commercial outcomes for Faroese Telecom, says Bjarni Arnason, Chairman of the Board.

Arnason clarifies that the evaluations included the technology competences and achievements of contenders Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei, as well as the commercial advantages and possible obstacles in company partnerships.

– Ericsson was the top candidate based on their technology capability and delivery track records, and the company is also the smartest commercial choice for our future business partnerships, as we already have had great collaboration with Ericsson in traditional and innovative technology spaces. We are excited about our partnership with Ericsson in our domestic and international markets, including the offshore business in the North Sea and west of Shetland.

The new deal with Ericsson will accelerate the nationwide 5G expansion, which will elevate the Faroe Islands’ global position in the mobile network and telecommunications area.

–  5G is a fundamental building block in the digital transformation of our country, and as the number of things being connected to the internet is multiplying fast it is paramount that we start the implementation immediately, says Jan Ziskasen, Group CEO.

The 5G implementation will commence immediately and is expected to be completed in 2023.