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You get 20 hours* talk to and another 20 hours talk* from countries included in VerSumHeima. You can send a total of 1000 text messages to and from included countries and use all your available monthly data. You can do this every month.
*30 hours to talk if your subscription includes either 27GB or 47GB.

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Ver sum heima
Minimum Price: DKK.

Vit skulu líka gera vart við, at tú ikki hevur valt tænastuna VerSumHeima.

Er tað ókey?

VerSumHeima er ein uttanlandstænasta, sum loyvir tær at tosa og smsa bæði til, í og úr galdandi VerSumHeima-londum, og harumframt kanst tú brúka upp til 6GB av íroknaðu datamongdini í galdandi londum.

VerSumHeima kostar 100 krónur um mánaðin, og hevur tú fleiri hald knýtt saman, so rindar tú bert eitt gjald fyri øll.

Um tú vilt vita meira, so kanst tú lesa alt, sum er vert at vita um VerSumHeima, her.

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What is VerSumHeima?

About VerSumHeima

This service allows you to talk, text and use data to and from countries included in VerSumHeima.

The service costs an additional 100 DKK./month. If you have multiple subscriptions included in your plan, you only need to pay once.  

Travel at your convenience

Take your mobile with you abroad at your convenience. With VerSumHeima included in your mobile subscription, you can use your mobile in Europe and Israel. If your subscription includes 27GB or 47GB you can also use your mobile in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, India, Philippines, Georgia, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, China, Russia, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Peru, Sanzibar, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania,Thailand and USA.

What’s included?

You get 20 hours talk to and another 20 hours talk from countries included in VerSumHeima*.

*If your subscription includes 27GB or 47GB you have 30 hours talk to and another 30 hours talk from countries includes in VerSumHeima. You can send a total of 1000 text messages to and from included countries and use all your available monthly data. You can do this every month.


Albania •  Andorra • Argentina • Austria • Australia • Belarus • Belgium • Brazil • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Bulgaria • Canada ChinaChile • Croatia • CongoColumbia • Cyprus • Czech Republic •  Denmark • England •  Estonia • Finland • France • French Guiana • Germany • Gibraltar • Greece • Greenland • Guadeloupe • Hawaii • Hungary • Indonesia • Italy • Ireland • Iceland • IndiaIndonesia • Israel • Japan • Kosovo • Latvia • Liechtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Macedonia • Malta • Martinique • Mexico • Moldavia • Monaco • Montenegro • Netherlands • New ZealandNicaragua • Northern Ireland • Norway • Philippines • Portugal • Poland • Puerto Rico • Romania • Russia • San Marino • Sanzibar • Serbia • Singapore • Scotland • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • South KoreaSouth AfricaSri Lanka • Switzerland • Sweden • Thailand • Turkey • Ukraine USA • Wales

Countries and islands in bold are only in plans with 27GB and 47GB data.

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